Japanese Earthquake Relief Fundraiser

During this weeks meeting, I was told that our club is to be collaborating with the Student Senate to set up a Fundraiser to raise money for the Japanese Earthquake victims. We are to be advertising this event and holding a movie screening and selling various food and snacks, with all of the proceed going to the Red Cross to help the victims. If any of you can help in some way with this fundraiser, it would be most appreciated. As more information comes for this event, we will keep you posted. (Officers, feel free to add more information to this post.)

In addition, if you haven’t read the recent update, here are the links to donate and help the victims of this tragic event.


About Raharu

I've been a fan of Anime and Manga since the 90s and I love to collect DVDs, Manga, Figures, Character Goods, you name it. Japanese pop culture FTW. I like video games, too. Oh, and I'm a certified Hatsune Miku fanatic.
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One Response to Japanese Earthquake Relief Fundraiser

  1. Sheldon says:

    Hey guys, John here. If you ever need more information, contact me or monica, you should have our emails, but here is mine again anyway.


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